“Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I found Dahl & Associates Ltd. to assist in moving my mum. Judie’s organizational skills and tireless work ethic were, of course, a huge part of making the move a success but it was her compassion and ability to connect with her clients at a stressful time in life that truly set her apart from the competition. Judie was always upbeat and communicative during the packing process, keeping us involved in decisions about what to take and what to leave all while striking a perfect balance between functionality and sentimental value.  We walked into a fully unpacked apartment with her furniture and belongings placed perfectly! Looking back on this process I can honestly say that Judie’s moving and design services were more of an investment than an expense and I would highly recommend her to anyone making a similar move.” – David D. California

“I contacted Judie and her team to coordinate the clean out of my elderly uncle’s home when he moved into a care facility. It was such a pleasure working with Judie. She was able to successfully empty a home filled with over 60 years of accumulated “stuff” in an impressively short amount of time. Since it was not a hoarding situation, I wanted somebody to go through my uncle’s (and deceased aunt’s) possessions and treasures in a sensitive, thoughtful and efficient manner. She was thorough and accurate in cataloging valuable items and followed up when these items were sent to auction. Her connection to the Set and Prop Rental Company gave me confidence that I was getting value for anything of value in the house. As Judie also has a connection with a disposal company, which recycles and donates items, I was also confident that things were not just being dumped into the landfill.
Overall, I would highly recommend Judie and her team. I could not have gotten the house ready for sale without her efforts.
A very big THANK-YOU!” – Anita D. Vancouver

Judie managed my complex move. She booked movers and elevators, coordinated the pack and un-pack, new furniture deliveries, old furniture disposals and all done seamlessly. Highly, highly recommend Judie and her team for stress management and plain coordination prowess. I could not have managed this process without Judie’s help. There are simply too many things to do, to think of and get done especially within tight deadlines.” – Malcolm S. Victoria